How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger And Spacious In Budget

The bedroom is your private corner of the house! It is the one place where you love to unwind after a long, hard day. When it comes to small in size, it becomes difficult to do the interiors owing to a single piece of furniture that takes up the most space: the bed. However, this should not take you back from putting your own style essence in the room. A bedroom should speak volumes about its owner and your favourite elements can still be a part of your bedroom. You can even make it look bigger and spacious with a few, minor changes that won’t cost a dent in your pocket. If you have any doubts about how to do it, here are a few tips:

1.Use Softer Hues On Walls

The simple logic that is working here is, lighter colours reflect light which makes the room brighter and gives an illusion of space in the room as opposed to dark colours which absorbs light lending a more bounding effect to the bedroom. You can choose any light colour palette that you wish for!

2.Place The Plants

This may seem absurd but a small indoor plant on your desk or side table, like lucky bamboo, can cast a semblance of spacious interiors. On the other hand, it requires minimal care and is supposed to bring prosperity and wealth in the house. So, it makes for a win-win situation.

3.Minimalism Is The Key

When it comes to small bedrooms, less is always more. Avoid any furniture that you don’t use on a regular basis to make space in the room. You can integrate storage space in the bed only and let go of that chair that you haven’t sat on for weeks. A few tweaks here and there can really change the look of your personal space.

4.Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

If you have unused space on the wall, try to hang some mirrors on it. They not only reflect light which lends a spacious look as discussed earlier but also create the deception of depth and height. If not on the wall, you can place the mirror on the closet door or next to a window to do the same job.

5.Organisation Is The Key

Keep everything super organised. You don’t have the luxury to let clothes convert into a pile on the chair. It’s a strict no-no for any room of any size but when it comes to small bedrooms, organization becomes the necessity! Clothes should be folded and placed in closets, stationary should be on the shelves or in the drawers and everything should have a place of its own in your bedroom.

6.Smaller Lamps

Yes, make sure the height of the lamps on either side of the bed should have a small stand and at all cost, avoid a single light in the room fitted on the ceiling or on a wall. This will depreciate the sense of space around the room.

7.Keep The Curtains Inches Up

This is one of the cardinal rules, don’t let the drapes touch the wall. It will block the flow of the room and make it look even smaller and cluttered. The best idea is to tie them into a beautiful knot and leave them a few inches above the floor. It will also expose the legs of your furniture which will give a vertical alignment to the room, making it look bigger than it actually is!