How to Make Your Bedroom Lighting More Energy Efficient?

How to Make Your Bedroom Lighting More Energy Efficient?

Saving money on ever-increasing electricity bills and caring for the environment are two things high on the agenda for Australians these days. Power companies always seem to be increasing tariffs and most of us want to play our part in helping conserve the planet’s resources.

In this article, we’re going to focus on luxury ceiling lights and discover some ways to make your bedroom lighting more energy efficient. This will keep those power bills manageable and also conserve resources in a small way.

Use Low-Energy Lamps Instead of Overhead Lighting

Instead of always using the bright and power hungry overhead lighting, use low voltage lamps as much as possible. Lamps equipped with bulbs of a low wattage will consume way less electricity than a bright and powerful overhead ceiling light. Reserve that ceiling light only for when you really need bright light to see by, which truly isn’t that often in the bedroom.

Lamplight is a lot more appealing and relaxing in a bedroom environment anyway. Lamps also induce a more ambient mood.

Ceiling lights are fine and serve a purpose, but use them sparingly and you’ll save on power consumption.

Add a Dimmer Switch To the Bedroom Light

There’s no reason why a ceiling light has to always be operating at full wattage. All you have to do is have an electrician wire in a dimmer switch. This way, you’ll be able to have full control over the brightness of the lighting at all times. From a full blaze of glory all the way down to a very soft light the strength of a typical night light is the range of options you’ll have with a simple dimmer switch.

It’s worth discussing this option with your electrician, and not just for the bedrooms. You could have dimmer switches installed all throughout your home for both bright and soft lighting options in every single room. It’s such a simple device that can save you loads on your power bills, so well worth the investment.

LED Table Lamps That Are Battery Operated

Battery operated table lamps for home are another cool and effective way you can lower your energy consumption and save money in the process. The really great thing about these types of lamps is there are no messy cords and you don’t need to locate them near a power source. This makes a battery operated lamp for the bedroom a fantastic choice.

If you do some research on these types of lamps, you’ll find that the range is very diverse, with styles to suit everyone’s tastes and decor.

You can also buy these lamps in different lighting colours, or even lamps that change colour. Imagine how much ambience you can add to a bedroom with a lamp like this. It’s the perfect solution if you want to create a low light, seductive and romantic vibe too.

Many of these lamps come in ultra-modern designs, but you can also buy battery operated lamps that resemble traditional lamps as well. Many of them operate at a simple touch of the hand.

Battery operated table lamps will be the ultimate addition to any modern home and they are great power savers.

Install Energy Efficient Light Globes

Technology has come a long way, and with a constant focus on saving power and the environment around us by reducing our carbon footprint, light globe manufacturers are constantly improving the power efficiency of light bulbs.

These days, you can purchase globes that use a fraction of the power of the older styles, yet still produce a bright and vibrant light.

Another option is to opt for LED lighting. LED lights are ultra-conservative when it comes to energy consumption, yet they are capable of producing some of the brightest light around. LED lighting comes in a variety of strengths just like regular light globes, so you can choose a brightness that suits your environment and requirements.

LED bulbs and lighting sources are certainly worth considering.

In Conclusion

There are some practical and very decorative and creative ways you can save energy on your bedroom lighting, and indeed all of the lighting in your home. Talk to your electrician about options and also consider battery operated table lamps as a modern and attractive solution.