Leaking Toilet – How to Check and When to Call a Plumber

Leaking Toilet – How to Check and When to Call a Plumber

In most cases, a leaking toilet cannot be considered an emergency plumbing situation. Why – because it happens gradually that you can hardly notice the signs of such an issue. Then again, if you see that the warnings have become consistent and don’t intend to go away on their own, then perhaps it’s time to take a closer look at the matter. The indicators are mostly physical or appear on the surface, so it’s easy to see them with the naked eye.

Signs That Your Toilet is Leaking

  • Pool of water around the base of your toilet
  • Water flushing into the bathroom rather than down the drain
  • Water dripping into the toilet bowl after flushing
  • Water from the cistern leaking onto the bathroom floor
  • Water running down outside of the toilet bowl

There are some simple steps you can do before you give your local Sydney plumber a call.

  • Find out the source of the leak.
  • Investigate further. Is it the toilet tank itself, a rusty bolt, or a crack inside the tank?
  • Repair if you know how. This is to prevent further damage. Who knows, simply patching the leak up might solve the problem.

Now, if all of the above fails, then it’s time to call on a local plumber. The culprit could most likely be caused by hidden damage you have no idea about. If replacement is the solution, then leave it to the hands of an expert.

How to Check a Toilet For Leaks | The Irish Plumber, Ottawa, ON

Probable Causes of Toilet Leaks

What must have caused the leaking in your toilet? Any or a combination of these below might be the reason:

  • Damaged Washer And Ball Valve

These items are found inside your toilet tank and if they have been destroyed, then only a plumber can do the fixing or totally replace the parts. If not fixed, this can cause a brownish colouration at the back of the toilet bowl.

  • Faulty Parts In The Cistern

Any part of the cistern that has become faulty or aged must be replaced; otherwise, water will continue to run into the toilet bowl from the top.

  • Broken Bolts And/Or Cracks

This issue leads to water running down along the side of the toilet and pooling around its base. You need to replace broken bolts but if there are cracks, then your toilet bowl needs to be replaced by a plumber.

Do you know what happens if leaks are not fixed right away? Increase in your water bills. Potential destruction to areas outside of the toilet mostly on floors, skirting boards, walls, and your carpet.

If you think you can pull off a DIY stunt, go ahead but if not, might as well call the services of a certified plumber. Click this link to find a local Sydney plumber near you.