Pool Maintenance: Advice to Help You Sail Through the Fall

Pool Maintenance: Advice to Help You Sail Through the Fall

If you found yourself on this page, you must be one of the lucky homeowners across America with your own private pool. Just because the summer is ending doesn’t mean it’s time to close up your pool. You may want it for one of those random hot October days.

While you don’t need to close up just yet, you must continue to care for and maintain your pool, especially as the weather changes. Here is some advice to keep in mind as you squeeze in a few more swims before it gets too cold:

1. Keep the Water Levels Stable

You would expect the pool to lose more water during the summer, but the opposite is true. Your pool tends to lose more water during the colder seasons, thus more reason why you should take proper care of it. Imagine a situation where the snow or leaves fall onto your pool cover. Over time, if this goes unchecked, the pool cover sinks deeper into the pool, causing an overflow of water on the side of the pool.

Eventually, this will cause a defect in your water pump, and to replace this, you will have to dig deeper into your pocket. Therefore, please ensure your pool is covered up and inspect it as often as possible, especially on the warmer days. Now you see the essence of a pool cover, don’t you?

2. Adjust Chemical Levels Accordingly

First, the chemical requirements for every season are always different because of the apparent temperature change. Therefore, you will first have to drain the water to adjust the chemical levels to the required amount.

During the summer, chemicals are needed in high amounts since water evaporates quickly. However, in the fall, a drop in temperature requires the use of fewer chemicals. Therefore, you always have to check your pool PH weekly to ensure it’s in the recommended PH levels.

3. Do a Pool Cleanup

Now that we’ve talked about having a regular inspection of your pool, cleanup is the next step. Here’s how you do it:

  • Trim up the tree near your pool if you have one
  • Skim the pool for debris and leaves
  • Unclog the filters

Cleaning and caring for your pool is easier if you have a shed to store your equipment and tools. Make sure that cleaning out your shed is included in your pool clean-up. You should also clean the rest of the pool accessories and store them away in your pool shed to keep them from damage.

This shed cleaning can be overwhelming to do on your own. You can make your work easier by hiring a service for junk removal in Cherry Hill to help you with the cleanout process. It will save you both time and energy, and the experts will leave your compound looking sparkly clean within no time.

4. Ensure the Pool Heater is in Good Condition

It’s hard to overcome the temptation to not swim once in a while despite the cold. During such times, a pool heater will come in handy. Contrary to what most think, it’s recommended that you use it during the day rather than at night. At least, you will have saved on energy and the bills that follow later on.

Therefore, if you need to keep using your heater, call your pool maintenance expert to check it out and ensure that it’s working as it should.

5. Stick to A Pool Maintenance Routine

We understand that doing a regular pool maintenance check can be expensive, but not doing so will cost you more. But also, you were psychologically prepared for these expenses. It’s easy for pool owners to neglect the pool during such seasons since they rarely use them. However, it’s essential to keep up with your maintenance routine and ensure that everything is in place.

Pool maintenance can be called an extra job of its own. That’s why there are professionals who specialize in opening, closing, and maintaining swimming pools. Don’t shy away from getting the best pool experts to help you take care of your pool, and you’ll be happy that you own one.

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