Reclaimed Wood Furniture is Making an Impact on 2019

Decorating a home can be daunting. It’s easy to get seduced by the trendiest designs in magazines, only to be left with something that looks outdated in a few years – but the best part about the hottest new trend in furniture for 2019 is how old it is.

Almost everyone has a memory of that one older relative who had shag carpeting in their home for way too long. How do you go about finding a timeless style that still shows off a unique personality and design? How can someone be sure they’re making an investment in furniture that they can feel good about and will stay in style in the long run?

Natural materials, particularly wood, are versatile and durable – and they really never go out of style. Thankfully, the practice of using reclaimed wood to construct new pieces is poised to make a significant impact on homes in 2019.

In 2015, Time Magazine published the findings of a report on the state of the world’s tree population, and it was staggering. The report claims, “The global tree count has fallen by 46% since the beginning of human civilization.” Deforestation contributes to the climate change issue, and it has devastating effects on local ecosystems.

Selecting furniture made from reclaimed wood helps to stem deforestation. Reusing old wood for new projects also means that less ends up discarded in landfills. It also takes significantly less energy to refurbish and treat older wood than it does to cut down and transport new trees.

In addition to being a socially responsible purchase, reclaimed wood tells the story of its past and creates a signature look that can compliment any design aesthetic. A quality piece, handcrafted with care, will last for generations to come. When you decide to update that coffee table in your home or that desk in your office, consider the impact of reclaimed wood furniture on both the environment and your interior décor.

Reclaimed wood is stronger than virgin-cut wood by up to forty points on the Janka scale of hardness. This difference comes from the fact that older wood often grew in natural conditions, making the lumber generally stronger. It was also likely older than the newer growth that is cut today. All this means that,more than anything that has been built from new materials, furniture constructed from reclaimed, refurbished, wood will make a longer lasting investment.

Buying furniture made from reclaimed wood is a purchase that can feel great for many reasons; however, it’s also essential to take care of these pieces. Sourcing, and working with, reclaimed wood can be trickier than purchasing new lumber. Old lumber may have been treated with toxic chemicals, contain old nails, or even be infested with pests. This is why it’s essential to select a craftsman with a trusted reputation and long track record of working with wood.

Once you do that, go ahead and update that coffee table in your home, because buying new furniture doesn’t need to be daunting. Buy a new reclaimed wood table for your home this year and join the hottest new trend in furniture for 2019!