Save Your Energy By Getting The Right Windows

Every time you open up your hydro bill, you wonder how it is possible that you have used so much energy. If the number seems suspiciously high, the problem might not lie with the rates but with the insulation of your house. Old sets of windows could be ruining your indoor temperature and forcing your bills to shoot upwards.

One of the greatest benefits of installing new windows is improving the overall insulation of the home and reducing energy loss that you previously experienced — this leads to lower costs on hydro bills immediately after insertion. Unfilled gaps and cracks around window trims can account for approximately thirteen percent of the heat and cooling loss. On a grander scale, worn down or low-quality windows are believed to be the cause of almost twenty-five percent of a home’s total loss. You can save money and energy with windows by investing in superior energy-efficient replacements that are filled with Argon or Krypton — either of these gasses will improve the convection and conduction in the window panes, limiting unwanted heat transfer between the interior and exterior.

If you want confirmation beyond the rising hydro bills, you can double-check your windows to confirm that they need upgrades. On a windy day, inspect the surfaces and frames to see if drafts are sneaking their way inside.Listen for a whistling sound, feel for any cold air blowing in and hold up a tissue or light strip of fabric to see whether it moves or stays completely still. You should also look for the other crucial signs that you need to replace your windows like frequent condensation, moisture building up between the panes, moisture damage, wood rot and deteriorating function like sticking frames and broken cranks.

You can get these exceptional windows in Ottawa from an experienced local business like Golden Windows — they have been manufacturing, distributing and installing remarkable replacements for over fifty years. They are designing vinyl windows in Ottawa that have specific energy-saving features like low-emissivity glass, Argon gas, low-maintenance frames and multiple weatherstrips. They are also active participants in the Energy Star initiative, which helps organizations, businesses and houses limit spending and negative environmental impact through energy-efficient products and changes. Energy Star’s certified models will save homeowners approximately eight percent on their energy costs and they can be up to forty percent more efficient than a standard window.

The renovation will be incredibly helpful during the times of year when you are more likely to use energy to cool and heat a home. Powerful heat waves in the summer will push you to run your air conditioning to combat the extreme humidity, and the intense cold snaps during the winter will get you to run your furnace and space heaters at all hours of the day. Having energy-efficient windows will make sure that you don’t overburden your appliances throughout the year and that your wallet doesn’t suffer the consequences.