Steel Stillages Could Be The Missing Link In Your Logistics Operation

Steel Stillages Could Be The Missing Link In Your Logistics Operation

Are you looking for a way to make your logistics more seamless?

Or are you looking for a way to maximise your warehouse space amidst the rising cost of warehouse rent?

Or are you in a dilemma of storing and transporting awkward-shaped products that don’t fit into standard pallets?

In this article, you’ll discover why steel stillages could be the missing link.

But first,

What Are Steel Stillages?

Steel stillages won’t be a foreign word to most people who work in warehouses, factories, workshops, and other industrial spaces.

But some people reach out to Range Storage Equipment Ltd to purchase steel stillages without having a firm grasp of what they are and the extent to which it can simplify the storage and transportation of items.

Steel stillages are steel frames, pallets, or any other container custom-designed for storing and transporting specific items off the ground, unlike standard wooden pallets limited to a particular dimension and design.

Metal stillages come in different configurations, such as mesh sides, flat panel sides or even open sides depending on the type of product it was designed for.

These sides offer support, so the content doesn’t slip out while storing or transporting.

And the stillages can even be built with drop-sides or top that you can set in the “up” position while transporting or storing and “down” position to access contents when needed.

The best part is they are designed to be stackable to a certain height.

So you can store more with the same floor area, your warehouse or factory becomes more organised, and you find items easily.

And options like castor wheels make loading and unloading less stressful and faster. All in all, you improve productivity and operational efficiency.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of steel stillages in detail.

Benefits of Steel Stillages

● Safety

Safety is a priority in any work environment. With steel stillages, you can store and transport goods securely without fearing fragile or dangerous items will slip out and cause accidents.

Metal stillages with mesh sides or flat panels are the best options for transporting stocks like this since they offer higher load retention than those with open sides.

● High Load Capacity

The load capacity of steel stillages can be massive- sometimes up to work loads of 20,000kg with dimensions that fit in large trucks.

● Durability

Steel stillages are highly durable.

Wooden pallets are prone to rot or termite attacks. Steel stillages, especially those made from all-steels and coated with powder coating are tough.

You can use them for years without fear of rusting. This saves you money in the long run.

1.2m x 1.2m Stillage Basket With Lid – CNA Storage: Racking | Fencing | Live Stock Yards

● Higher Return On Storage Space

You can stack steel stillages to get more out of your storage space. And with the rising cost of warehousing, this option can help you cut costs.

And unlike pallet racking, you can restack stillages using a forklift into a different configuration within the same floor space of your storage or workflow needs changes.

For example, if you’re looking at jacking up production, you don’t necessarily have to get more storage area.

And in a matter of time, you start calculating returns per cubic meter rather than per square floor area.

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