The Best-Performing Property Suburbs In The Gold Coast

The Best-Performing Property Suburbs In The Gold Coast

Do you want to know where the best suburbs to invest in are on the Gold Coast? Property investment strategies can differ for different people; however, there are some universal rules to follow to achieve the best investment outcomes. The number one must do is to research and know your market inside out. Ensure you know critical details in an investment of interest, such as how long the property has been on the market and the current rental yield. Ensure you understand the auction clearance rates and the current local vacancy rate. It is crucial to conduct thoughtful research when choosing location-specific residences if you want to increase the size of your property portfolio. One of the key considerations when purchasing Gold Coast real estate is the adage “location, location, location.”

We are now in an investor’s market as they ride the following real estate cycle to obtain the capital benefit, despite the owner-occupier market having maintained steady over the past two years. We are in a season where the rent values exceed the home values’ growth. Australian current rents are almost 10% higher than the previous year’s. The Gold Coast is particularly interesting to investors looking for long-term gains with positive cash flows. Top Australian property investors are currently diversifying their portfolios to ensure they hold low-risk management of their assets.

We are in a market on the Gold Coast that is slowing down in newly consented developments with a surging population. What this means for the foreseen future of Gold Coast real estate is that the demand will outweigh the supply, and rental rates will maintain high values and returns. This is good news for investors as they can increase rental rates as the rental prices move with the economic stance in the housing market. Investors greatly benefit from the surge in rental increases, and it pays to note that with the rise of interest rates, rents will only go up. A-grade stock is holding firm in the property sales sector. Luxury assets such as beachfront homes, penthouses, waterfront homes, high-end duplexes and estates are still in high demand, with less available stock on the current market.

The ten top-selling Gold Coast suburbs of 2020 -

The top three suburbs to look to invest in on the Gold Coast are:

  1. Broadbeach
  2. Burleigh Heads
  3. Coolangatta

In the past 12 months, Broadbeach and Burleigh Heads recorded a +32.4% increase, with Coolangatta increasing at +32%. The light rail soon servicing all of the above suburbs will create more infrastructure with more accessible and convenient transport options. Broadbeach, Burleigh Heads and Coolangatta are all suburbs with dense populations, which provide necessary service-based businesses close by as well as shops, cafes, restaurants and popular pristine beaches.

As we advance with healthy and steady real estate values, favouring the premise that tenants eventually become buyers, the Gold Coast lifestyle is unquestionably attractive. Unlike Sydney and Melbourne, luxury Gold Coast real estate prices are significantly lower here. We are in a growing market where there will always be more reasons to buy and live on the Gold Coast, with the population expected to reach one million in 10 years.

With summer and Christmas just around the corner, buyers are more active and more inclined to submit genuine bids now that spring has arrived. In real estate, the warmer months are a reliable predictor of higher sales volumes and clearance rates. If you are looking to buy or sell your dream home, please call our Good Property Team on 1300 10 60 20