The Uses of Timelapse Photography on Construction Sites

The Uses of Timelapse Photography on Construction Sites

Technology doesn’t stop evolving. In each dawn, there are new ways of doing things. And one of the industries experiencing tremendous growth is the construction industry. To be more specific, the technology gaining popularity in this industry is timelapse photography.

In recent years, timelapse photography has come in handy on construction sites. It involves the taking of photographs of the construction site at a slow rate. But, when played at normal speed, it manipulates the frame rates and makes it look like a fast-paced video. For example, the camera used for this can take photographs at one frame per second, but when played in video format, it has 20 frames per second. This means that the speed increases by 20 times.

Now, you may wonder, how is this technology useful in construction sites? That is what this article is all about, so please read on.

Project Management

Project management is a crucial practice in the construction industry. It entails consolidating different resources and assigning them to various tasks to ensure the delivery of construction projects.

One of the key aspects of this practice is monitoring. It ensures all the resources are working as assigned. Project monitoring has often become a challenge for project managers. It’s the case for those who are working on simultaneous projects from different locations. The manager can’t be at all sites at once, which may result in inefficient management on the sites that are far off.

But this challenge is mitigated with timelapse photography. It eliminates inefficiency and enhances project monitoring. All you need to do is strategically install cameras on all the sites. The project manager can remotely view the photographs, enabling them to monitor work despite the distance of the construction site.

But, to capture timelapse frames more accurately, it is imperative to use high-quality cameras. Click here for more on the timelapse photography cameras you can purchase.


Marketing is said to be one of the hardest facets to tackle in construction. Professionals lack a way to document and present the entire process to potential clients. The presentation will either be too shallow that it fails to convey a strong message or too long that the client gets too bored to seal the deal.

But, timelapse photography has made marketing in the construction industry easy. As stated earlier, this technology works by collecting a series of photographs of the project in real-time. It’ll then consolidate them into a video that fast-tracks them when viewing at normal speed.

Presenting this video to your potential client enhances your marketing strategy. You can show them the entire construction process without leaving any process out. You’ll also do this quickly without tiring your potential clients. Through the video, you’ll showcase your contractor efficiency, increasing your chances of winning the client.


You invest many resources to enable the execution of your construction project. These resources include finances, materials, plants, and heavy machinery and equipment. The loss of these can take you back financially in several steps. Since the project is midway, you must find a way to replace them. Otherwise, the project will stall, and you’ll fail to meet your project deliverables in time.

That won’t be a problem if you have a timelapse camera. The timelapse cameras in your construction site will help you identify the time of the theft and the people responsible. All you need to do is go back on the footage to the alleged day. With the identification, you can seek compensation from the responsible parties. The compensation enables you to reinvest in the lost resources.

The presence of the timelapse cameras alone will increase security on your site. When workers know you’re watching them, they’re less likely to steal or do something unlawful on the construction site.

Dispute Resolution

AdobeStock_395454281.jpeg (Apr 11, 2023 11:51am)

Disputes are likely to happen when many people are working together, and construction sites are among the many places it would likely arise. These disputes vary between claims, material delivery, and services like hiring.

On claims, a client can claim there were delays by the contractor, yet they had fulfilled their obligation. Such delays are crucial, especially where timeframes are indicated on the contract. The lack of fulfillment can lead to lawsuits and penalties. With material delivery, a supplier can claim they delivered materials on the 5th, yet they didn’t.

The timelapse cameras enable you to backtrack and ascertain the claims. The result is dispute resolution since all parties will have the facts that were extracted from the timelapse footage.

Project Evaluation

Project evaluation entails going through the previous projects, often to pinpoint inefficiencies.

Timelapse photography makes this process easy. After project execution, collect the footage from your timelapse cameras and call in your project stakeholders.

All you have to do is watch the footage and analyze it step by step. Doing so allows you to identify issues that arose during the entire project, including other inefficiencies. When those factors are determined, you can now devise ways to counter them in future projects. The result is growth as a contractor and better project delivery for future clients.


The discussion above has detailed the importance of timelapse photography on construction sites. This technology aid in the pre-construction, construction, and post-construction stages. Therefore, timelapse photography is an investment worth making for your construction projects. Since modern problems require modern solutions, there is no question that timelapse photography is your best shot toward project success.