There’s Never Been A Better Time To Invest In A New Italian Kitchen

Cooking on its own is an amazing art, and so should be the place where it is done. With advancements in the design of present-day kitchen interiors, there’s a need for a functional and beautiful kitchen. An aesthetically beautiful setup can offer an opportunity to cook more efficiently, thereby making the experience more pleasurable.

Italy is not just popular for their various contributions to the world of film, cuisine and music. Their brilliant ideas with the interior design are also known all over the world. They have mastered the process of building the best modular kitchens equipped with durable components. Even in countries far away from Italy, you can find various examples of Italian kitchens. Combining open spaces, vibrant hues, and natural colours; there are various reasons why you should have an Italian kitchen.

Benefits of Italian kitchens

One good thing about the interior design of a kitchen is the fact that you don’t necessarily have to own a big kitchen to actualize these ideas. Italian kitchen ideas can be used in various ways. They have a flexible concept that can work with a variety of kitchen types. Some reasons you should have an Italian kitchen in your house are:

Open design

Even though there are a variety of Italian kitchens nowadays, most of them carry some appealing similarities. For instance, virtually all Italian kitchens focus strongly on an open design. Such a design creates space that is sure to make your family, friends, and other guests feel at home.


When it comes to Italian kitchens, every aspect of the requirement of a customer is given enough consideration while installing cabinets, modules, chimney, and other smaller components. The wood of high quality is used such as acacia and oak. To give the entire kitchen an elegant look, silver is used rather than brass or gold as a finishing medal. The woods used in this design are made resistant against termite and water. Marble, Korean tops or granite are used for slabs.

Centred around entertaining

The kitchens are designed around the fact that people enjoy spending time in their kitchens. In most houses, the kitchen is used for entertainment. By embracing Italian kitchen design, you are probably going to end up with an open space that your guest can sit and get entertained.


Italian kitchen designs are famous for their stylish look, and the way they combine function with form in the best possible way. Their kitchens are mostly celebrated for making use of colour in the most engaging way. Also, the final touches on the design look to make the best possible balance between a kitchen that’s both stylish and functional. Sticking to Italian kitchen design, especially because of their stylish nature, will give you that balance.

Designed using natural materials

One example of the way Italian kitchens embrace natural materials is in the use of matte countertops in granite or stone. Such materials make the kitchen space more inviting, and at the same time give your kitchen a truly unique look.

Presence of natural light

You can often find large windows and light colours in Italian kitchens. This is due to the fact that most interior designers of Italian kitchens want to feed in enough natural light into space. This is also a great way to make sure that your kitchen looks appealing to anyone who visits.

Minimalistic design

Most people feel that modern kitchen designs look too busy. Such people will surely enjoy an Italian kitchen design. The designs are minimalistic and they allow for a space that can breathe, giving you enough room to think, to work, and to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.

How to get an Italian kitchen design in London:

No matter what you are doing, whether you have just moved into your new apartment and are looking for a fresh start, or you are renovating your kitchen, Scavolini kitchen designs will ensure that your kitchen gets a new sensational look.

With the advancement of kitchen designs, there has been a rising need for having an aesthetically beautiful kitchen. Such kitchen design offers the possibility to efficiently cook. Some variation of Italian kitchen designs will have a country style with enough space for a dining table and chairs, which are kept in the centre. Additionally, the cabinets can be made into just one colour, such as white. Other aspects like glass handling and storage are made from profiles that have the same as the devices.