What Are The Different Types Of Boom Lifts?

A boom lift is a type of construction lift used to deliver a load to an elevated position. This type of equipment may be mounted on a vehicle that allows the operator to move the machine into place. These machines are ideal for moving materials into place and providing a platform for workers to accomplish key tasks at height.There are many different types of boom lifts available to hire and choosing the correct machine can be crucial to the successful completion of a project on time. Let’s take a look at some typical examples of the modern boom lift.

The Articulating Boom Lift

This is an aerial platform with a folding jointed arm that’s attached to a turntable mounted on a wheeled base unit. This machine is also known as a “knuckle lift” due to the distinctive shape of the arm. The arm could reach anywhere from 9 metres up to 30 metres depending on the particular boom lift hired. This is a great machine to use in more confined spaces where a single worker/operator needs to carry out repairs or maintenance tasks. There is a subtype of the articulating boom lift that’s mounted on legs rather than a wheeled base unit, and these are known as atrium lifts. This particular machine is designed to reach greater heights in tighter or smaller areas.

The Telescopic Boom Lift

This aerial platform has an extending arm rather than the articulated folding arm seen on the “knuckle lift.” It has a similar range of reach depending on the specific machine, and it’s a great option if you want to lift one or two workers outdoors. This machine is typically available as a gas operated machine with specially inflated tyres to use on rough outdoor terrain. If you do want to use a telescopic boom lift indoors, it’s advisable to fit solid tyres and use an electrically powered machine.

The “Cherry Picker”

This is a railed aerial platform that’s usually mounted on its own truck. This machine is also known as a bucket truck or an aerial lift. This is the machine that you may have noticed when workers are carrying out maintenance on power lines or tall trees. The reach height can vary from 9 metres up to 48 metres, and one or a few workers can be hoisted into position. This is a great option for the aforementioned tasks, but it’s also used for the installation of warehouse racking and lighting systems.

The Scissor Lift – Another type of aerial work platform

This is a larger and wider aerial platform that features cross platform supports for added stability. A scissor lift can reach from 3 metres up to 18 metres depending on the machine, and it’s a great option for lifting multiple workers in tighter spaces. The unit is maneuvered into place, and then the platform can move directly up or down as required.

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