Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Gutter

Tips on Cleaning and Maintaining Gutter

Gutters are a vital part of the roofing system for a home. During a storm, gutters channel water from the rooftop to the downspouts, then into designated areas outside your home.

Homes without a gutter system risk damaging the roof as it can pick debris and a bunch of leaves. Broken, clogged or cracked gutters lead to water damage on the exterior walls of your home. Also, excessive water can cause either damage to your foundation or leak into your crawlspace, causing molds and other dampness-related issues.

A verified gutter replacement in Point Pleasant, NJ for instance, can help you with an inspection to establish any possible problem. See below for tips on cleaning and maintaining your gutter to extend its shelf life.

Establish a Regular Schedule

It is easy to forget about cleaning or gutter maintenance, so you may need to intentionally set a reminder, note it down in your diary or mark it on the calendar. Gutters require cleaning twice every year, before and after the leaves fall. The landscaping around the home is a significant factor as it may influence the times you need to clean the gutters.

A home surrounded by trees is a beautiful and tranquil sight, but it comes at a cost as you may need to clean your gutters more. In this case, 4-6 times a year. On the other hand, people dwelling in the desert may only need to clean out sand once a year.

Invest in Gutter Covers

Covers and guards prevent debris, sticks and leaves from getting into downspouts and gutters. There are many different designs in the market, and you can conveniently purchase them from the store near you.

If you are on a budget, consider the smaller gutter guards, as they cost less. Though the small gutters do not cover every square inch of the channel, they protect the downspout entrance.

Blow Debris and Leaves Away

Did you know that leaf blowers also help in gutter cleaning? While some manufacturers make gutter kits fit for their blowers, others are universal, come complete with extension wands with angled tubing, and work for many gutters. Some manufacturers have made kits with long enough extensions eliminating the need for a ladder.

Invest in the Right Tools

Old is gold, and sometimes the traditional gutter cleaning method is the best. It is crucial to use the right equipment to keep the gutters, those around you, and yourself safe. You will need a sturdy ladder, garden trowel, protective eye gear, gloves, and a container to toss debris.

Trim Trees around the Gutters

Trim trees and branches to prevent debris and leaves from falling into the gutters. This is a preventive measure that assumes offense is your best defense. While the wind still carries waste to the gutters, maintaining your landscape reduces the frequency you need to pull them out.

Use a Vacuum

A vacuum can do more than you imagine. Use your vacuum together with a gutter cleaning kit. In case the one you have does not, any universal kit with a 2.5-inch opening will serve you well. Also, many shop vacuum cleaners offer options like suck the leaves, blow it out or gunk.

Wash it Down

With a pressure washer on a low setting to protect the gutters from damage, go up and blast out the debris from the roof. You may need to check your gutter hardware to ensure there are no loose screws that can break under pressure.


Sometimes the gutter gets clogged faster than you can imagine; hence it is crucial to do random checks before the scheduled maintenance appointments. It helps to engage experts who will take over maintenance, frequently look for loose gutters, broken downspouts, or ice dams in winter, and advise when it is time to replace them.