Trending Technologies In Home Security Arena

Intelligent home security systems are gaining growth globally by the prospect of cloud-based technologies and satellite-enabled systems. Technology is sky-rocketing and so are the reported crimes every day. Because of that, there is a rapidly growing demand for smart home security systems. This includes alarm systems, wireless locks, audio-visual surveillance systems, integrated home networks, and access control systems.

The Connected Home

Security cameras have exploded in popularity over the past few years for more secured homes, buildings, corporate offices, hospital, and any public places. The merging of important industry factors such as increased cloud computing power, lower hardware costs, and higher bandwidth availability have created an enormous raise for continued innovations in the arena of smart home technology.

Digitization, the rapid increase of smartphones, advancement in wireless standards and increasing adoption of connected technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) are also fuelling growth in smart home security solutions.

Smart security systems also include home alert set-ups, home safes and motion sensors on windows and doors. Living in a technologically smart home can be fun and exciting.

Home Monitoring

Home monitoring was a complex issue before. But with advanced technology systems, new features came into the picture with a few smart devices placed on your home. You can monitor movements in and around your home. You can even sense the opening and closing of doors and windows. Sirens and alarms can be set to make you alert of any disturbances.

There are several apps that can provide comprehensive detail on security breaches. As soon as the system senses an intruder to your home, you will be alerted immediately. It is more likely that the intruder will then abstain from entering your home. Few of the audio-visual security system comes with night vision as well along with sirens and work 24 hours a day.

The convenience of staying connected even when you are outside your home is of great advantage to the millennial generation who cares a lot about freedom, control, and interaction.

Satellite Video Surveillance

Technology has added value to the consumer and opened a range of possibilities for homemakers by smart connected devices to monitor and secure homes. The emergence of IoTs is creating a positive impact on satellite-enabled sensors that comes under security and surveillance. The adoption of IoT brings numerous benefits:

  • Live video surveillance
  • Smarter security decisions depending upon real-time data
  • management of surveillance devices from remote
  • Improved security systems and processes

Radar Technology

The residential security market recently started relying on numerous sensors and multiple devices for providing comprehensive coverage of the entire house. Each sensor has a specific functionality. The user finds it a burden to maintain this overwhelming amount of devices. In addition to this overload, pet-cams and smart speakers intensify more by its installation process as well as maintenance.

In the last few years, radar technology brought formerly military technology into the consumer space. The primary advantage of the radar sensor is to provide the user with full privacy. The use of radar is highly beneficial since it is indifferent to temperature, environment and lighting conditions.

Radar signals, when kept in certain frequencies, are capable to penetrate through any material and even enabling concealed installation. They are highly fit for robust monitoring in cluttered spaces. It can easily cover several separate rooms with a single device.

In the present scenario, the high resolution of the advanced radar sensor is providing presence detection. It also provides advanced security, well-being, and automation features. Thus, when you install a security sensor in your elderly parent’s room, it could even detect any fall occurred. Just imagine, it can even detect leaks in your wall or monitor the breathing of a baby.

Most Notable Trends Arising In The Home Automation Space

1.     Device Interoperability And Open Platforms

Isolated devices are coming slowly to an end. The consumers looking for smart home devices are giving importance to compatibility along with functionality. The companies are paying more attention to developing technologies with a unified control interface that can connect isolated devices and protocols.

Single apps and platforms will greatly enhance control and convenience by bringing all devices under a single interface. The beginning of this trend has already accelerated.

2.     Voice-Controlled Automation System

In this new era of technology, you can now imagine controlling your home automation system by simply talking. Voice recognition and language processing technology will help consumers to control home security by voice commands.

3.     Software-Defined Hardware Device

This type of concept is emerging in the home automation industry where a single switch can eventually control various functions like lightings, music volume or temperature. The hardware devices will perform according to the software program.

Homeowners are looking for new and proactive ways to protect their homes along with valuable possessions both monetary and sentimental. So, security gadgets are becoming an essential part of our day to day lives.