Ways to maintain your new furniture

Ways to maintain your new furniture

Finding that perfect piece of furniture that fits your living room is a challenge. In case you have easily managed to accomplish this task, the feeling of success is unmatchable.

Wooden furniture is an all-time favorite for all those who have good taste in furniture. With a vintage feel, it adds great value to your entire room. Some people opt for leather furniture and some for linen upholstered couches and chairs. In any case, the furniture has to be selected according to the entire outlook of your home and other decor accessories. It is indeed a matter of choice.

Whether it is a reclining chair or an upholstered sofa from King Living in New Zealand, some furniture pieces become your everyday corner of retreat. Bringing home, the new set of furniture is exciting and satisfying. If you want to enjoy this feeling for as long as you can, then you should not forget it’s proper maintenance since the beginning. Maintaining well increases the life of your furniture, which is not something to be replaced after just a few months. If not maintained properly, with extensive usage (no matter how strong your furniture pieces are, it will perish before time. Therefore, it is imperative to perform routine maintenance of the furniture.

By following the compulsory care tips given below, you can keep your furniture from getting damaged, looking old or torn out:

  1. Avoid Sunlight  

The most important tip to elongate the life of your furniture is to avoid direct sunlight. When your furniture is made up of fabric, leather, or leatherette, the sunlight will damage your furniture. Keep your furniture at such a spot that does not have direct sunlight exposure, and will not fade over time. If the placement of furniture cannot be anywhere else except where the sun rays would inevitably fall over it, consider changing the position once in a while. Or you can also add a thin sheet over your windows to protect and repel the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

  1. Vacuum your upholstered sofa and chairs 

Dust accumulates and settles on everything in your home. Remember, the dust settles and penetrates deep into your upholstery if not cleaned for a long time. Whenever you sit on the sofas and chairs, the dust goes deep into the fibers making it wear out a lot quicker. With no maintenance and vacuuming of the couch, the dust particles go deep down the upholstery making it more vulnerable to cuts and get torn easily. Vacuuming weekly removes the surface dust and dirt. You can also use a soft bristle brush. In case of any spills or accidents, it is advisable to do the spot cleaning immediately to get rid of the stains and not letting them become permanent on your furniture fabric. Do not use very harsh detergents, which can spoil the condition and newness of your furniture.

  1. Keep a watch on temperatures  

Be extremely careful in placing a very hot or cold object on the surface of your furniture. Keep the hot irons or heaters away from any furniture in your home, for it may leave marks on the surface and wreck the original texture. Furniture life is not only about maintenance, but it includes taking care of the furniture while doing household activities. Make sure that you are watchful in placing any object on the furniture and perform a touch test prior to that.

  1. Keep the sharp objects away

Just like the extreme temperature objects, you should be watchful while using sharp and edgy utensils or tools. Make sure you use these sharp objects always from your furniture. Once there is a scratch on any wooden furniture, it will never go away. Similarly, if you are dragging a trolley or a table within the vicinity of other furniture pieces, be watchful that they do not rub off each other. This might leave a scratch that can never be mended.

  1. Wax wooden furniture regularly

If you are seriously interested in the longevity of your furniture, you will not refrain from taking extra miles for the maintenance of your furniture. If you have wooden furniture at your home, you need to do regular waxing of the overall surface, which will retain the shine of your new furniture. It also acts as a protective layer on the surface of the wood, simultaneously giving it a fresh appearance. Oil and wax could be done once every three months, and you are furniture will be as good as new.

  1. Protect the furniture   

Maintenance is another name for protection and care. If you are watchful, you can be free of any extra hard work that you might have to endure because of any accidents or spills on your new furniture items. Even for the tabletop, the objects can leave marks, and everyday usage can cause wear and tear. You can protect the surface of your furniture by placing placemats, coasters, table covers, runners, or even by adding an extra glass top. Usually, glass is easier to clean with glass cleaners and stain removers without spoiling the surface of your home furniture. If you have kids at home, you are bound to have crayons and marker art anywhere on your furniture. It would be wise to put covers on your sofa sets.

Final Word

These basic care and maintenance tips will leave your furniture as new for years to come. It will also save you from the hassle of hiding any permanent stains on your furniture while you have friends or family over.