What Is The Best Vacuum Cleaner – A Buying Guide

Having a vacuum cleaner can come in useful no matter the type of home you live in. Even though most such appliances are used to clean carpets and rugs, you can also use them for cleaning dust, furniture, hardwood floors or even the kitchen floor. There are several models for you to choose from. Each is destined for either generic use or for particular chores which are not that pleasant to handle without a vacuum. After receiving several questions regarding the process of purchasing a vacuum cleaner, we’ve decided to come up with a buying guide destined to make your life a whole lot easier. Hopefully, our pointers will help you decide a lot faster.

What type of vacuum cleaner should you get?

There are two main types of vacuum cleaners currently available on the market. First, there is the all so common canister vacuum which is suited for generic use. It can clean carpets and other surfaces like no other. It also comes with a removable dirt bag. The second option you could go for is the upright vacuum cleaner. It is easier to store, but it comes with a cleanable dirt bag and a lot less flexibility when it comes to cleaning certain areas of your home, and there is third one which is best cordless vacuum for hardwood floors.

Is a bag-less vacuum better than a normal cordless vacuum?

The difference is not that big actually. You may want an appliance with replaceable bags because they are less messy. The investment you would make with either of the two is pretty much the same considering a bag-less cleaner is cheaper than one which needs constant replacements. Usually bagless models are recommended for pet hairs and hardwood floors.

Is power that important?

Don’t be fooled by the numbers referring to the actual power consumption of the vacuum cleaner. The best vacuum cleaners 2018 have great suction power and a massive airflow rate. The amps which are written on the box don’t mean too much regarding efficiency. They do have some influence on your electric bill.

What accessories to look for in a vacuum cleaner?

If you want to get the best vacuum cleaner 2018, you should check for appliances with several additional parts. Some nozzles will help you clean all sorts of messes while others will help you reach the most secluded areas of your home and other attachments which are comfortable for cleaning different types of floors like hardwood, bare , tile and laminate floors.

What types of special vacuum cleaners you should look into ?

Some people need vacuum cleaners for particular activities like for cleaning car and hardwood floors. The 2nd most popular activity after cleaning dust, which involves a vacuum cleaner is cleaning animal hair. It can be a daunting task even for the best of appliances.

How much should you pay for a vacuum cleaner?

A great vacuum cleaner will cost around $200-$300. For that much money, you will get a lot of cool features which include special filters, extra suction power and individual nozzles to fit everywhere you need them to fit.Vacuuming technology has advanced a lot over the past few years. A decent appliance can now help with allergies or asthma and can clean different surfaces with the same efficiency. There are many options to consider when looking to buy a vacuum cleaner. Making the right decision will be difficult without proper help. Our experts have taken the time to test several products and also read many vacuum cleaner reviews of 2018 to help you narrow things down. They managed to come up with a list of five products which will suit both common and particular needs.