What Services Does an Architect Provide? Here’s A Brief Guide.

What Services Does an Architect Provide? Here’s A Brief Guide.

An architect is much more than a building designer. He or she is a highly qualified, licensed specialist who offers significant professional services that support both his or her clients and the general public. This article describes the various services offered by an architect and explains the different skills that an architect has.

Two interrelated but distinct efforts are involved in architectural services: the designing and design of buildings and spaces and, on behalf of clients, the administration of construction contracts.

The phases of a typical building project and the function of architectural services during each phase are broken down as follows:

Initial consultation, Schematic Design, and Pre-Design.

A client meets an architect and together they determine the intent and basic criteria, known as their program, for the building. Other pre-design services, such as master planning and historical research on existing buildings or locations, can also be offered by an architect. An architect helps the client make the most educated decision possible from the very beginning of the project during this highly collaborative process. In the project, the architect may also help the client find opportunities, cost savings, and added value that he or she might not have been completely aware of.

Creation of Architecture.

The rough sketch is formed into a working set of plans and elevations once a scheme is selected by the client. The architecture help the customer and contractor get a better picture of what the building will be prior to the final contract documents by design development sketches. Before the contract documents are finished, this opportunity for review will make a major difference in helping the client appreciate the scale, quality, and cost of a project.

Documents and Construction.

To produce a set of drawings and specifications that will be used to erect the house, designs, elevations, and other drawings are refined. To guarantee a high-quality final house, the architect works with the customer to choose suitable materials and finishes. The architect will collaborate with other design consultants that may be needed for the project, depending on its scope or as required by law, such as civil , structural, or mechanical engineers.

Contract Administration for Construction.

During building, the architect acts as the client’s representative to ensure that the contractor and subcontractor build faithfully to the drawings and specifications. The fee for an architect is predetermined, but when working as a design contract manager, he or she will act as an impartial, unbiased observer and advocate for the client.

Depending on the customer ‘s needs, architects can provide all of these services or a select few. The fee of an architect represents the amount of work he or she has to do and can be measured in many ways depending on the choice of project and customer. So if you’re planning to build your dream flat, look up to the team of professionals at Malcolm Ness Architects. A locally based Architect with global experience. Get in touch and book a consultation.