Why You Should Buy Replacement Windows With A Double Lifetime Warranty

Why You Should Buy Replacement Windows With A Double Lifetime Warranty

You’ve heard of a lifetime warranty, but have you also heard of a double lifetime warranty? Double lifetime warranties, while not commonplace, are available in the replacement window industry and are something homeowners should definitely take note of.

What Is A Double Lifetime Warranty?

A double lifetime warranty is a warranty that covers the original purchaser of a product, as well as the subsequent owner, for a lifetime. When it comes to replacement windows, a “lifetime” refers to the time period for which a person owns the home. So a double lifetime warranty for replacement windows would cover the original purchaser of the windows for as long as they own the home, as well as the subsequent owner of the home, for as long as they own it—provided that the first owner properly transfers the warranty to the purchaser of their home.

Why Does A Double Lifetime Warranty Matter?

You may be thinking to yourself, “Why should I care about a double lifetime warranty? Isn’t a lifetime warranty good enough?”

These are good questions. A large part of the value of a double lifetime warranty is in what it says about the product it is attached to. When a manufacturer offers a double lifetime warranty, they are saying that they are confident in the durability of their products—enough so that they will guarantee them for two lifetimes.

In addition, purchasing replacement windows with a double lifetime warranty can serve you well when it comes time to sell your home.

Replacement Windows

Michal Bohm, replacement window expert and owner of BM Windows in San Diego says, “Double lifetime warranties for replacement windows may seem like overkill, but they are actually quite valuable, not only for the second owner of a home, but also for the first owner who can use it as a selling point when they put their house on the market. Windows can be expensive to have repaired if they are broken or if a defect becomes apparent. Letting a potential buyer know that this part of the home is fully covered could be the difference between selling the home for a great price and having it sit on the market.”

In a buyer’s market, every advantage counts when you’re trying to sell your home. Something like a transferable warranty can be a huge selling point to certain discerning buyers.

“One other thing to note when it comes to warranties,” according to Bohm, “is to make sure you have your replacement windows professionally installed. Improper installation can void your entire warranty and you won’t be able to capitalize on any of the benefits of a great manufacturer’s warranty, so get the job done by professionals!”