4 Signs You Need To Hire a Gopher Removal Service

4 Signs You Need To Hire a Gopher Removal Service

Are you tired of gophers wreaking havoc in your yard? If so, consider hiring a professional gopher removal service.

Gophers can cause extensive damage to lawns, gardens, and even structures. Their burrowing habits can undermine the stability of the ground and lead to costly repairs. They can also consume and destroy plants, leaving your landscape unkempt and bare.

But how do you know when to call in the experts? This article will outline four signs that indicate you need to hire a gopher removal service. From visible damage to increased gopher activity, we’ll explore the key indicators that it’s time to take action.

1. Bare Patches in the Yard

Gophers are known for their extensive tunneling activities. The tunnels these animals create can cause your soil to collapse, leaving behind unsightly patches of land. It doesn’t end with visual damage. If left unchecked, these tunnels can compromise your overall ground stability. This can lead to sinkholes or even structural damage if the tunnels are close to your home’s foundation.

These herbivores will consume your plant’s roots and shoots, destroying your landscaping efforts. So, if you notice areas of your yard where the grass or plants have wholly disappeared, it’s likely that gophers are to blame.

Professional gopher removal experts have the knowledge and tools to get rid of these animals from your property effectively. They can also guide you on how to restore your yard and prevent future infestations.

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2. Damage to Your Garden Crops

Even as a hobby, gardening can be a lot of hard work. There’s a lot that goes into cultivating healthy crops. Unfortunately, gophers can quickly turn your efforts into a disaster. They are notorious for their taste for garden crops and can decimate your plants in a blink of an eye.

They are particularly fond of root vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and beets, but they will also target other plants if they can’t find their preferred food sources. Plus, they don’t just eat the crops. They also disrupt the roots, making it difficult for the plants to recover.

So, take it as a strong of gophers present if you notice your garden crops consistently getting damaged or disappearing altogether.

3. Chewed Up Cables

Gophers are not just a threat to your yard and garden; they can also cause damage to your property’s infrastructure. They have a penchant for chewing on cables and pipes, leading to serious issues with your plumbing, internet connection, or electricity.

4. Visible Long Mounds of Soil

As pointed out earlier, gophers are proficient diggers and create extensive tunnel systems beneath the ground. So, as they burrow the soil, they push it up to the surface, resulting in distinctive long mounds.

These mounds can vary in size and shape but are typically elongated. They can be found near entrances to gopher tunnels or along their foraging paths.

In Conclusion

Dealing with gophers can be frustrating. Their destructive habits can wreak havoc on your yard, garden, and property infrastructure. However, recognizing the signs of a gopher problem and taking timely action can protect your investment and restore peace to your surroundings.

Remember to research and compare gopher removal services, ensuring they are licensed, insured, and use eco-friendly methods. Don’t let gophers continue to wreak havoc on your property. Your landscaping investment and peace of mind are worth it!