Modern Pest Control Solutions

Pest Control

When it comes to eliminating pests from your home and keeping them out, there are a handful of modern techniques to accomplish this goal. Most pest control companies, such as pest control in Melbourne, FL., use a multifaceted approach. In this article we want to go over these applications.

Sprays and Liquids

Your pest control agent will usually spray corners of a building and create an invisible barrier for pests. This keeps them from making their way into your home. They will also spray outside the home to keep them at bay. Sprays can vary in strength and composition. If there are pets or kids in the home, the agent may opt to use a spray that is made of natural elements and are non-chemical in nature.


These types of pest control are left at various points in and around the home in order to kill any nests which may be hidden beyond reach. A sub-slab ant colony, for example, can be impossible to get to with traditional spraying techniques. Bait will be carried into the nest by a worker ant and ingested by the colony.

Many times, these baits are non-toxic or relatively safe around pets and humans. They consist of chemicals like Borax, something which is used in laundry detergents.


Setting traps in the attic, basement or garage can help eliminate the handful of rodents that may be plaguing a home. A homeowner can apply these traps themselves and learn on the fly, or they can hire a professional that knows where to put them and how many to use.

Pest traps have been used for centuries and only get better over time. We can trace the modern pest trap back to the 1700’s in fact.

Pest traps can be a simple and clean way to get rid of pests which may be bringing disease into your home. These diseases include hantavirus, leptospirosis, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), Tularemia and Salmonella.

Homeowner Actions

The homeowner can be educated on how to better clean and make other efforts to keep from attracting pests. If there is nothing in the home for pests to eat, there is a less-likely possibility that they will enter the home to begin with.

Having a tidy home is imperative in eliminating all pest problems. Something as simple as a juice drink spill on the floor can attract thousands of ants. Once ants believe your home to be a viable source of nourishment, they will stop at nothing to infiltrate it.

Up to 50% of households have a pest problem of some sort. These pests range from roaches, ants, rodents, all the way down to gnats, fleas and mosquitoes.

Being proactive in pest control means applying good cleaning methods and having a pest control company treat your home monthly or bi-monthly.