9 Bathroom Fittings That Will Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious

They say little things add up to make the bigger things look and feel better and this is absolutely correct when it comes to bathroom fittings. As petty and trivial as they may sound, bathroom fittings play a significant part in the working as well as the design structure of every bathroom. When we are designing a luxury bathroom, we might feel pulled towards picking out the best of bathware for our bathrooms which might take our attention away from the bathroom fittings. This can entirely ruin our idea of having a great bathroom as a finished product. But you don’t have to worry about it anymore. At Queo, we understand you and your needs, which is why we have curated a list of 9 bathroom fittings that will make your bathroom look and feel luxurious. Read on!

1. Shower Arms

The elongated elegance that the shower arms by Queo possess, introduce an element of glamour in your bathroom in just the right amount. The beautiful designs are masterfully crafted to bring out the charm in your shower. These shower arms will make your shower pop and will help you make your bathroom look the absolute best.

2. Angle Valve

The angle valve designed by Queo deliver unmatched perfection. More than a bathroom fitting, they have  designed to look like a statement piece for your bathroom. The utility quotient remains high along with a really attractive structure that has been designed to accessorize your luxury bathroom in a truly luxurious manner.

3. Chryseum Floor Drain

The floor drain by Queo is unlike any other floor drain you have ever seen before. The gold coloured floor drain enhances the entire look of your shower while serving a really important drainage function. The color lends a luxurious look to the bathroom making it look better than ever before.

4. Concealed Stop Cock

Stopcocks are extremely essential fittings for the proper functioning of any bath space but they somehow do not look very attractive when their working mechanism is put out for display. Queo has changed that with the introduction of the concealed stop cock. Now your very precisely designed bathroom can continue looking perfect even with the installation of these very necessary fittings.

5. Bottle Traps

The very stylish bottle traps by Queo look more like works of art and less like bathroom fittings. The sleek structure and the shiny finish makes them gleam and glow, turning your bathroom in a true design wonder. These bottle traps will lend a new life to the overall look of your basins, creating a significant impact on your bathroom as well.

6. Flush Plates

Flush plates are immensely important accessories for a bathroom as they help in concealing the workings of the flush, lending your bathroom a clean and clutter free finish. At Queo, the flush plates come in great designs so that none of the stones remains unturned in the process of attaining a perfect luxury bathroom.

7. Health Faucet

When it comes to wellness and hygiene, health faucets have a great role to play. We can say faucets are one of the most important fittings in a bathroom. When this is the case, Queo delivers the best quality health faucets that are crafted to create a comfortable and pleasant experience in a bathroom.

8. Overhead Shower

Luxury bathrooms can look even more luxurious with the addition of an overhead shower. They do not occupy any additional space and are also perfect for smaller bathrooms with less shower space. Queo brings to you a great collection of the best of overhead showers so you can choose the ones that go best with your individual bathroom design.

9. Towel Shelf

If you are thinking of designing a luxury bathroom, it would be a great idea to invest in a premium quality towel shelf. Your luxury bathroom must have a space dedicated to your towels so they can stay clean, fresh and dry and can in-turn let you feel the same. The towel shelf by Queo helps deliver just that. You can pick out the shapes and sizes as per your bathroom design and you are all set to create the perfect bathroom everyone would adore and admire.

So tarry no more, get your hands on the amazing products by Queo and get ready to experience the magic that these fittings create in your bathroom. Bring home the joy of luxurious living, bring home the skillfully crafted products by Queo and witness your life evolving into a dream.