Common Summertime Spiders

Spiders are common in the summer, but you definitely are more apt to see certain types more than others just as you are more likely to see some spiders more frequently throughout the winter months. We have a short list of spiders that you should pay attention to in the summer and what to do when you encounter one.

Garden Spiders

Just as their name suggests, garden are much more common in the summertime because they like to live inside of your garden. You have likely noticed all of the damage that insects have done to your garden in the summer. Have you noticed any spider webs while you are down observing the damage?

Garden spiders build small, very tight webs inside of your garden in hopes of catching the insects that are eating your plants. These are not usually aggressive and you shouldn’t worry about them attacking you while you work in your garden. In fact, a few of these spiders in your garden should help keep the insects that are eating your plants away. There is a chance that this spider many bite you, but it is very small. They are not aggressive and are only going to bite if they feel very threatened by you.

House Spiders

Because the weather outside is nice, you probably are spending a lot more time with your doors and windows open to let the fresh air inside, and because your children tend to forget to shut the door behind them as they run outside to play. Because access is easy into your house in the summer, you may noticed an increase in small white inside of your home.

These small white  are referred to as house spiders. They are very small spiders, and they do very little damage wherever they go. They are not aggressive and they are not going to hurt you or your children. The only time these little spiders may bite is if you lay on them or make them feel very threatened.

Daddy Long Legs

Little children seem to be drawn to daddy long leg in the summer months. These are usually only seen outdoors, and tend to be around plants where they like to live. These are very large in stature. However, their legs are very skinny and long as their name suggests. These are one of the most calm that you can encounter, probably another reason that your children are intrigued by them. If you happen to find one, you should leave it alone as it will probably eat other much more dangerous spiders.

A small number of spiders is healthy for your yard. They will take care of other insects and keep the ecosystem in your yard level. However, if you are starting to notice a crazy number of you may need to hire a pest control company like Elevate Pest Control to come in and help you remove them so you do not have an infestation inside of your home.