Emergency Roof Repairs Toronto

Emergency Roof Repairs Toronto

Urgently need a roof repair? The Universal Roofs Inc. Company carries out all types of emergency roof repair work in Toronto.

We provide services for legal entities on urgent repairs of the roofs of schools and kindergartens, apartment buildings, industrial and commercial enterprises, large shopping and entertainment centers, non-residential buildings and outbuildings (hangars, warehouses, parking lots, garages and other buildings).

When emergency repairs are needed

In the absence of proper care, careless cleaning of the roof from snow and dirt, improper installation of the roof or severe weather conditions (hurricane, hail, sudden temperature changes), the surface of any, even the most stable roof, can be damaged, which will lead to leaks inside the roofing cake and under the roof.

Urgent repairs are carried out in cases where the slightest delay in detecting defects can lead to significant damage to the entire roof and require major repairs, which mean we carry out emergency work year-round, including in winter and in the fall.

Timely elimination of minor damage will extend the life of the roofing and avoid installing a new roof.

The main list of our services

We carry out emergency roof repairs Toronto and the region with any configuration and from all types of materials.

Types of emergency work:

  • Inspection and diagnosis of the old roof;
  • “Turnkey” roof repair;
  • Partial or local roof repair;
  • Repair of a roofing pie (roofing, waterproofing, insulation);
  • Repair of additional roof structures (gutters, low tides, pediment, fences, snow retainers);
  • Repair of the rafter system and the base of the roof.

Emergency repair of a roll-up roof

Most flat roofs are covered with roll materials. Urgent repair of the built-up roof can be performed in various ways, depending on the degree and type of damage to the coating.

Cracks and swelling are the most common problems that our experts identify when examining a roll roof. Such damage occurs mainly due to improper preparation of the base for installation or in violation of the installation technology.

Universal Roofs Inc. Company carries out repair of roof leaks in compliance with the following main steps:

  • We carry out expert roof diagnostics; identify all defects and the degree of damage to the roofing carpet.
  • Small flaws that do not affect the internal parts of the cake are eliminated by applying patches and mastic.
  • In the case of deeper damage, locally open the roof, clean and treat the roof structure with an antiseptic, restore the integrity of the layers of vapor, waterproofing and insulation.
  • One of the vulnerabilities of the built-up roof is the butt joints of the roll coating. We carry out additional sealing of seams and places of abutment of the roof to walls and other structures.
  • If more than 40% of the roof is damaged, we will completely replace the old coating with a new one.
  • We inspect the drainage system and additional roof structures for clogging and damage. In case of identifying flaws, we eliminate.

Emergency repair of a soft membrane roof

Emergency repair of a soft membrane roof is not much different from repair of a built-up roof. The basic principles of work are the same – diagnostics and prompt elimination of defects of any complexity. We know that the most important thing in such repairs is the maximum urgency of work in order to minimize the risk of leaks, but in no case should we neglect the quality and compliance with all technologies.

Membrane roofing is a relatively new material, therefore, it is extremely undesirable to trust roof repair from leaking to non-professionals. Such “savings” can subsequently result in large costs for the capital overlap of the entire roofing carpet.

One of the most common damage to membranes is tearing of the sheet due to poor installation or unaccounted for weather conditions, such as strong winds, hurricanes, storms.

For the repair of membrane coatings, we use special equipment that welds pieces of material with hot air. We additionally glue all the joints, seams and joints.

When performing emergency repairs, our roofers carefully clean and degrease the surface of the coating, and also use bituminous sealants, for more reliable insulation.

Why choose us

The urgent repair of roofs and roofs of apartment buildings, industrial and household buildings, public buildings, shopping malls, and other structures should be entrusted to professionals with a credible reputation.

The company “Universal Roofs Inc.” specializes in construction and repair work.

We use the latest technology, equipment and tools.

The staff employs experienced professionals who are constantly trained and advanced training.

We carefully observe the technology of repair and roofing; we give a guarantee for the work performed.

Contact us by phone, email, through the popular instant messengers indicated in the contacts, or leave a request on the bestroofingtoronto.ca.