How To Find The Best Floor Lamp For Your Home (5 Styles That Suit Every Room)

How To Find The Best Floor Lamp For Your Home (5 Styles That Suit Every Room)

Looking for a suitable floor lamp for your home? What’s your floor lamp style? Modern? Traditional? Eclectic? You can have more than one style of floor lamp in your home. It all depends on the look or mood you want to create in each space.  Whether you’re seeking ambient light for your living room or task lighting for your office, choose the styles that suit each space. You can select a decorative floor lamp based on the room’s décor and the lamp’s purpose.  Whether you need a decorative floor lamp to offer ambient lighting in a room or you want the light to be directed towards a specific task (such as a lamp that provides enough light for you to work or read by), there are plenty of versatile and stylish floor lamps for your every need. We’ve chosen 5 below that suit any space no matter what your décor style may be.

An Elegant Mix Of Linen And Metal

Ambient lamps provide general light in a room (enough light to move around freely, find the TV remote, and see the expression on the face of someone with whom you’re chatting.)  Ambient lights can be ultra modern or more traditional. A chic metal light with a linen shade can blend easily into any setting. The decorative floor lamp shown here is a beautiful addition to a bedroom, living room or dining space, capturing attention while offering elegance and sophistication.

A Minimalist Rod Of Light For Tight Or Open Spaces


This sleek rod of light is ideal to brighten a tight space where a bulky floor lamp would be difficult to place. This stylish floor lamp would fit nicely into any corner of a bedroom, hallway or staircase landing if there were no ceiling light to brighten the path. With a simple yet trendy design, this floor lamp can be used in modern, industrial or minimalist décor schemes.

A Floor Lamp And Decorative Table Lamp Set That Is Complementary To Your Decor


Just as your window treatment, sofa fabric and wall art can complement each other in color and texture, the finishes on your decorative floor lamps can complement the finishes in your room. When you include elegant table lamps and floor lamps in a space, you create new design possibilities. Here, we’ve chosen a gorgeous floor and table lamp set with marble bases and black lampshades that feature chic gold liners. These elements will “pull” similar colors and finishes from other accessories in the room.  Adding an element of glamour and romance, the gold liner and brass stem will play off of any gold or brass hardware, planters, candlesticks or other decorative accessories with the same finish.

Even if your room has neutral finishes such as natural wood trim, a white brick fireplace or a neutral paint palette, you can still use this lamp set with its sophisticated finishes to elevate a room’s look and feel. Luxurious lamp shades like these add visual interest to a space just as easily as accessories do.

An Industrial Vibe That Showcases Your Creative Side


Some use their furniture to express themselves, others choose to let their lighting be a room’s focal point. This dynamic metal floor lamp makes a statement in any setting. There’s no need to over decorate a room with wall art and accessories when you have a decorative floor lamp as stunning as this one to shine a light on your incredible design style. This 3-light tripod floor lamp influences the look and feel of the entire room, acting as a starting point for the room’s vibe.

Lighting Comes Full Circle


Just like a full moon in the night sky, this decorative floor lamp is a gorgeous ball of light that can brighten a dim corner, cast a warm glow over a circle of seated friends sharing stories or create an elegant setting on a patio for a summer cocktail party.

Whether you’re looking for a decorative floor lamp for your living room, bedroom or office, the style you choose will speak volumes. Remember:  just as ceiling lamps and wall sconces play a role in the function and style of a room, floor lamps are also essential to a space and should be considered at the onset of any room redesign. It’s a good idea to do your research so you know what you want and need when you choose your next floor lamp for your home.