Moving Kitchen To New Home A Risky Challenge

Kitchen is one of the pillars that complete a home.  It is that area of a home that usually unites the family. It’s value cannot be explained. But things don’t remain the same when you relocate. Adjusting in new place, giving the exact shape to kitchen is very tough. You need time to absorb that this new location is going to be your home and every small bit of it is part of your life now.

We learnt the same thing when we relocated to our new home in Adelaide. We have been living in Adelaide for over 4 years now. It was a tough time back then because everything was new for us. I was mainly worried for our kitchen and the custom crockery we use for daily use. What if while moving, I lost the kitchen items or the crockery gets damaged. The stress increased the day of moving. We had packed the house and were ready to move. To care of the relocation process, we had hired removal professionals from Adelaide. We had heard a lot from one of our friends about CBD Movers and how their removalists have helped them in moving their pets. Still I had some confusion in my mind so I started my own investigation.

I searched for them online and during search I read many interesting articles, some of them includes :

The one specific blog that helped me reduce the stress was “7 ways to reduce stress during the relocation”. It was what I had been trying to look for all along the move. The removalists arrived on the given time and in some time my precious kitchen was on the move. I still remember the first question I asked “Can you move my kitchen without any damage?” The team smiled and assured that they will relocate my entire house including my kitchen in one piece. The challenges had just started. They had to bring all the boxes, furniture from the 3rd floor and then load everything in the trucks. The change in weather added to my stress but the blog I had read helped my stay strong. Very soon we reached our new home, they started unloading and placing the furniture on their right place. Me and my kids started unpacking the kitchen items (I had my fingers crossed) slowly to analyse the damage but thanks to those people, everything was intact.


The next day we started setting up the kitchen but nothing was working as per our vision. We were not sure where to place what. We then conducted a family meeting to discuss the kitchen. It was my duty to make the kitchen accessible as soon as possible so we started placing the items one after another setting up the kitchen. Soon we could say a ray of hope which spread a feeling of positivity among us.

Yes it took a lot of time to adjust but we conquered all the kitchen moving challenges all together as a family.

Even I wrote one blog on house moving tips after my own experience. Check it out guys