Stunning Concrete Driveway Ideas for Your Home

Stunning Concrete Driveway Ideas for Your Home

Concrete is widely used in most residential areas. Along with its ability to survive the harshest weather conditions while withstanding a considerable amount of car traffic, it’s no wonder that most homes in Melbourne are adopting trends of concrete driveways.

As the spot that holds your car every night and the place you step onto every morning when you leave home, your driveway is an essential part to not only your daily routine but also to the value of your property.

If you are looking to break away from the everyday bleak grey driveways while sprucing up the appearance of your modern home, here are a few ideas that you might want to try out.

Coloured Concrete

A splash of colour is always a welcomed option to provide a unique dimension to your home. As a result of the versatility that concrete holds, this allows room for the ability to explore creative or decorative means such as stamping, engraving, and colouring. Coloured Concrete driveways offer so many options to enhance the look of your home. It has a wide array of colours to choose from, which adds warmth and character to your home.

A common misconception held by homeowners happens to be the idea that the colour would fade in time following the blazing sun or harsh Aussie weather. It is important to note that the coloured pigment does not fade, rather the colour of the concrete itself fades. Concerns such as these may easily be addressed by periodically applying sealer over the concrete.

Some of the popular choices of colours include earthy tones such as brown, sandy beige and tan. With the freedom to choose any preferred colour, it is recommended to take inspiration from tones that already exist in your home. This would permit a smooth cohesive look that is not jarring to the eye while keeping to the overall colour scheme of your landscape. Obtaining a second opinion from your concreter in Melbourne would also prove valuable, especially if the concrete happens to be a part of a larger renovation.

Permeable Concrete

If you enjoy the charm of green gardens and find yourself entertaining guests often, you can refurbish your driveway entry to reflect the look of a country club by using permeable stone pavers. This design style opens a vast array of decorative choices that could be adopted according to your taste. For instance, permeable pavers can even be alternatively placed with grass in order to induce the appeal of greenery.

Provided that you have additional space on your driveway, you could even include an awning or canopy to allow your guests to park their cars under shaded areas. Suited for residential usage, permeable pavers also require much less maintenance and will never develop ruts, cracks, or potholes. Although these pavers are a pricier option, this concrete design is not only less susceptible to pesky oil stains but is known to perform better than your typical concrete or asphalt driveway.

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Concrete Cubes

The classic concrete cubed driveway is a stellar choice for homeowners who value the combined importance of pragmatism and aesthetics above all else. An ideal choice for the modern home, concrete cubes hold the ultimate spot of preference. This is due to the ability of this driveway design to complement the contemporary style of any home while blending in seamlessly to the overall curb aesthetic of the place. The classic look of concrete cubes allows a sense of subtlety without drawing attention to itself. If your home has an automated garage door, concrete cube tiles are the perfect companion to provide a tidy and sleek finish to your driveway.

Without the need for a curing period, these pavers are also known for their quick completed pace compared to the other designs. Providing greater traction when likened to even poured concrete, concrete cubes offer an added advantage of an anti-slip surface which is ideal for homes with children. Their resistance to pressure is also considerably higher, which remains to be the main reasons why this design is a favourite amongst most homeowners. Considered highly as an excellent choice for those who prefer a long-lasting durable material for the driveway, pavers are able to sustain any kind of wear and tear with ease.

However, it is important to keep in mind that concrete pavers in Melbourne require high maintenance. In order to ensure that they maintain their aesthetic appeal, you will want to regularly wash the driveway. Ideally, you might want to consider opting for a pressure wash every few months in order to remove any accumulated debris or dust. In doing so, you would be able to keep the driveway looking neat and clean for a longer period.

When in doubt, contact your local driveway experts to help you with sprucing up your driveway. Sometimes, it’s best to leave it to the professionals!