Top 5 Handy Tips For Moving Home In 2020

What a start we have had to 2020! From extreme weather to a pandemic it is really starting to feel that everything has come to a grinding halt at the moment of time. With this in mind, we are all starting to spend more time at home and more time looking into plans for the future. Maybe you need a new property which has the space to accommodate all your daily activities or you might just be looking for some new scenery. Whatever the reason behind your move there will always be a lot of preparation which is required days before the day of the move. In this blog, we aim to take you through some really useful tips and tricks which will make your move a stress free experience.

Get Creative With Frozen Meals

The first step of preparation you need to make is to use up all of the unneeded food items within your home. This could be plenty of dishes that you froze for a rainy day. It’s important that you take the time to use this food up prior to the move as it is very unrealistic that you will transport this food to the new home. If you are travelling far it’s fair to say your frozen items will not stay at the correct temperature throughout this joinery resulting in them going bad. Save yourself wasting all of this perfectly edible food and get creative with it. Have you ever tried a cottage pie with a tika masala filling? Give it a go.

How To Pack For Moving House: From Packing Boxes To Valuables

Move All Possessions Into Labelled Boxes

It can take days or even weeks to get all of your items ready for the day of the move. You really don’t understand how much clutter you really have until it comes the day when you need to organise it all. By

moving your possessions into labelled boxes prior to the day of the move you will be nice and organised for the removal team to just arrive and collect your possessions. This will save you time on the day of the move but will also give you the chance to throw out any unneeded items that you don’t want to bring to your new home.

Take Appart All Furniture Items

We all love our comfy sofas and dreamy beds so it’s essential that these items are transported across to our new property. To get all of these furniture items ready for the day of the move it’s crucial that you take the time to pack the furniture down as small as possible. If your furniture arrived in a flat package its defiantly advised that you pack this backdown and keep the furniture inboxes. Making all these large items easy to transport, therefore reducing the chance of damage.

Pack A Bag of Essentials

This is defiantly a tip which you will thank us for on the day of the move, packing a bag of essentials is a step that many of us miss. It can feel like we have a million things going on for the day of the move. With this added stress it can be easy to forget the things that we need the most. Take the time to pack a bag full of essentials allowing you to have everything that you need to hand always. You never know how tired you will once arrive at the new home but by having warm clothes and other essentials to hand you won’t be left digging through boxes.

Prepare Your Pets For Long Journeys

Your number one priority when moving home should be your pets. A move can be a lot more stressful for them as it can be for you. A great way to help prepare your pets for the day of the move is by taking them into the car and getting them ready for travel. By starting with short journeys and building your way up over the next couple of weeks you will be helping mentally prepare the pet for the day of the move.

Once you have employed all of the tips mentioned above you will be ready to hire yourself a removal company in Gloucester. They will help to ensure the entire removals runs smoothly from start to finish allowing you to focus on the things that really matter to you.