Why Multi-Family Apartments Need Enclosed Storage Units

Why Multi-Family Apartments Need Enclosed Storage Units

If you live in one of those huge multi-family apartment complexes, you could probably use a set of enclosed storage units. If you are a tenant, you should probably talk to your landlord about this. If you are a landlord and haven’t provided some secure, easy-to-install storage units for your tenants, don’t you think its time to make it happen? Installing storage units is beneficial for everybody involved. It is a great investment that will continue to help the community and generate revenue.

The Ugly Truth

Apartment complexes that don’t offer an enclosed space for people to store their extra stuff are ugly. Storage spaces where things are visible are ugly too. Some people need extra space for things that they don’t always use. Otherwise, their apartments themselves become cluttered and even dangerous to move around in. In many cases, when tenants run out of room to store stuff inside of the apartment, they try to store things in their parking space. This gets ugly and causes serious security problems. Thieves can merely walk away with anything they want. Rodents and other pests can find refuge in piles of storge stuff that is out in the open as well. If one tenant does it, many could follow suit and before you know it, there is a huge eyesore with a bunch of problems.

Thief Attractant

As sad as it is, there are many thieves out there who will take advantage of any vulnerability they find. Once they find an easy place to steal from, they will probably come back. They may even tell their friends about it. If you make it difficult for people to steal things, most of them will go elsewhere. Simply having a small storage box above the hood of the tenant’s vehicle could make a huge difference. The box hides the contents from visibility and causes quite a bit of difficulty for a thief to break into.


Ultimately it is more cost-effective for a landlord to install a good set of secure storage units in the apartment complex. For starters, enclosed storage units will cut down on crime in the building. The whole place will look much better with a shiny array of storage units instead of a bunch of cages full of stuff, or piles of whatever stacked in the parking spaces. This in itself could result in tenants being willing to pay more just to have a nicer, safer place to live. The landlord can use these units as an opportunity to generate revenue. Each storage unit will be its own source of extra income. Units can be rented out separately with an extra charge; or added on to the current rent. Either way, storage units can provide a significant amount of extra cash flow that will offset the cost of installing them.

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