Here Is How You Can Use These Modern And Sustainable Lamps To Its Fulles

This is a small explanation on what you can to with these modern and different Tala lamps.
This article will give you some advice, on how you can use these lamps, so you will enhance the surroundings in your home.

If you are a fan of sustainability and modern design, the Tala Lamps is the way to go.
Tala Lamps is made by four young guys from Great Britain. More precise they made it when they went to the University of Edinburgh and it started with a big love to sustainability and modern design.

They came up with the idea, whilst working on a solar project, for a hotel in Porto. They suggested to use LED light, for the sake of the hotel, but architects thought it to be too clunky and that just helped the four guys in the direction that made success – going for the modern and inviting look, but with a carbon neutral and sustainable foundation.

LED lights in modern design
The sustainability is seen in the use of LED light for the bulps and in the materials used for the bulps. You can both use these bulps alone, but also with the stylish table or ceiling sockets. These sockets are made of both oak, walnut and copper.

This makes it possible to put a personal touch on these designer lamps. You can make them fit into whatever room you need them to fit into.
To give an example, you can choose an Oak Touch Table Lamp, with a smaller LED bulp, for your office or for the cozy place in a corner near your sofa, where you like to read a book.
You can also take some bigger bulps and mix them with a Walnut Knuckle Pendant, to hang from your ceiling over your dining table.

Sustainability is the new black
The possibilities are many and the sustainability give a peace in mind and in your wallet.
Last but not least, the company decided to plant 10 trees, for every 200 sale they made – to this date they have planted approximately 11.000 beech and oak trees.

It is very popular to think about how to think sustainable in the different solutions in the home. This is why a lot of companies are trying to incorporate it into their new design solutions.