Pest Control: Do You Really Want To Do It Yourself?

If you are an avid do-it-yourself kind of person like me, you know that you can find virtually anything online to help you with your next do-it-yourself project. From cooking to home projects, one of the benefits of doing-it-yourself is to save money. As we rely on ourselves to get the job done, there are times when a professional service, like Moxie Pest Control companies, may be needed.


Whether you live in the city or out in the suburbs, you’ll find that pests including are everywhere. One day, you were cleaning up and moving things around to make room for your next project, when suddenly bugs came out of the sleeping bag you once used from a camping trip. You grab whatever is close to you to get rid of the bed bugs. You decide to get some bug spray and spray the area where you saw them. You go online to find a do-it-yourself project to get rid of the common pests. A few results popped up and you decide to give it a try. The first step is to clean up around the area by getting rid of any excess garbage. Next, you read about a concoction of vinegar and water. You spray it in the area and leave it for a few days. You come back to just find out that the bugs are still there with the lingering smell of vinegar in the air. Your next attempt is to buy essential oils and mix it with alcohol. You notice the pricing for the essential oils and thought to yourself that this is getting expensive. As the saying goes, “third time’s a charm.” You decide to try one more do-it-yourself pest remedy.

This time, you go to the hardware store and look for a commercial grade pest control spray solution. You look at the price tag and all the equipment needed, but you decide to try it out anyway. You arrive back home and begin working immediately. You spray and spray some more, but forgot to wear the safety gear. You choke on the dangerous fumes and quickly head outside for some fresh air. You think to yourself, “this has got to work!” A few days past and you inspect for bugs. There were quite a few that met their end, but there are still some that were moving around. At this point, you are thinking that the bugs might have spread throughout your home.

Pest Control Service

By now you have given up. You’re thinking to yourself, “this do-it-yourself home remedy was supposed to save me time and money.” You feel overwhelmed and decide to look for a professional solve your pest problem service. You browse the internet and look for a certified professional pest moisture control services company. You call a few of them up to get an estimate and decided to go ahead with one company. They arrive and inspect every area of your home. You tell the pest pest management controller that you’ve tried your hand at bug sprays and do-it-yourself home remedies, but the bugs kept on. He inspects the walls and floorboards with a special camera. You watch as his camera crawls into small spaces and find that there was an infestation behind the walls. He says to you, “bug sprays help, but with an infestation like this, bugs will continue to thrive behind the walls since the chemicals can’t reach there.” He completed his inspection and started explaining to me the chemicals he is going to use in my home. He asked a few questions about pets and if there were anyone else living in the home. I answered his questions and he began “exterminating.” He said he would be back for a follow-up visit and gave recommendations on future preventive measures.


After the visit, you go online to look up the chemicals normally associated with pest control experience. In an article, it describes the standard chemicals used throughout the year long as well as new innovations on less-toxic chemicals. Further, in the article, it also describes similar preventive tips given by the pest controller. For instance, fixing leaks and vacuuming frequently can help prevent infestations. After a while, you realize that certain projects are to be left to professionals to handle. If you had called a professional service in the first place, it could have saved you from stress and could have saved you money by not purchasing equipment that the pest controller would have already provided during their service. You sit there and now think about the next do-it-yourself project that does not involve any type of pest control.